Announcing Marianne Plumridge, Boskone’s Official Artist

Boskone’s Official Artist is the very talented Marianne Plumridge who will be joining us in February for our 55th convention! We are planning a fantastic selection of events and another wonderful art show!

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Marianne Plumridge is an Australian-born artist and writer who lives in Rhode Island, USA, with her husband, illustrator Bob Eggleton. They share their home with over 1,000 Godzilla monster toys, and just as many dinosaurs, dragons, and other odd beasties and creature figurines. The rest of the house is occupied by numerous books, paintings, art materials, and CDs. It really is a creative atmosphere, where inspiration is never lost for long.

In the last few years, Marianne has returned to her fine art roots by refining her oil painting techniques. As well as painting natural subjects, Marianne has combined birds and robots into an ongoing series of ‘technology lost in nature’ paintings that include quirky tin toy robot adventures, to great acclaim. Her other ongoing concurrent themes of cosmic whales and pointy rocket-ship paintings still enjoy success and popular favor. The results can be found online at: ‘Daub du Jour.’ Even more recently, Marianne has revived her interest in painting figurative works and portraits. Her experimental, ‘self-testing’ exploration of painting people again continues apace.

INBOUND 11 x 14 inches, oil on canvas. 2014.

In connection with her long held writing ambitions, Marianne writes book reviews and notes on her second Blog, ‘Muse du Jour.’ Finished works of fiction have found their way into magazines and anthologies over the years, as well as articles and essays. Currently, Marianne continues to work on writing the nearly complete text for a book called “Bob Eggleton’s Ice Age America” for Impossible Dreams Press, in collaboration with her husband. It will feature essays and epic artwork and visions of prehistoric peoples, megafauna, and flora…and especially Mammoths and Mastodons. Marianne and Bob’s first collaboration as writer and artist, a children’s picture book called If Dinosaurs Lived in My Town was released in November 2013 from Sky Pony Press. Late this year, one of Marianne’s ‘more than doodle’ rocket paintings will grace the cover of Analog Magazine in the November/December 2017 Issue.

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Announcing Tamora Pierce, Boskone’s Young Adult Fiction Guest

We are thrilled to announce that Tamora Pierce will be joining us at Boskone this year as our Young Adult Fiction Guest. It should be a wonderful convention and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Tamora Pierce is the winner of the 2013 Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement in Young Adult Literature, the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award, and the 2005 Skylark Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction. She is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of more than 28 fantasy novels for teenagers, and has been Guest of Honor at numerous conventions, including Worldcon 2016.

She has written comic books, radio plays, articles, and short stories, and currently devotes her minimal free time to local feline rescue. Tortall: A Spy’s Guide, a collaborative effort with other experts on her Tortall universe, will be coming out in October of 2017, followed in February of 2018 by the first in a three-book Tortall series, Tempests and Slaughter.

Tammy lives in central New York with her husband Tim Liebe and their uncountable number of cats, two parakeets, and the various freeloading wildlife that reside in their back yard. You may find her at, on Facebook, and on Twitter.


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Announcing Mary Robinette Kowal, Boskone’s Guest of Honor

Boskone is delighted to announce Mary Robinette Kowal as our Guest of Honor. Mary will be joining us February 16-18, 2018 at the Westin Waterfront Hotel for a terrific convention!

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photo credit © 2012 Rod Searcey

Hugo-award winning author, Mary Robinette Kowal is a novelist and professional puppeteer. Her debut novel Shades of Milk and Honey (Tor 2010) was nominated for the 2010 Nebula Award for Best Novel. In 2008 she won the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, while two of her short fiction works have been nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Short Story: “Evil Robot Monkey” in 2009 and “For Want of a Nail” in 2011, which won the Hugo that year. Her stories have appeared in Strange Horizons, Asimov’s, and several Year’s Best anthologies, as well as in her collection Scenting the Dark and Other Stories from Subterranean Press.

Kowal is also an award-winning puppeteer. In high school, she took up puppetry as a hobby, but as Kowal says, she “never thought of it as something you could get paid for.” Instead, she went to East Carolina University to pursue an art degree, minoring in theater and speech. While performing as Audrey II in a performance of Little Shop of Horrors, she learned that a professional puppeteer had come to the show. It was a turning point. Kowal went on to intern at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, GA. With over twenty years of experience, she has performed for LazyTown (CBS), the Center for Puppetry Arts, Jim Henson Pictures and founded Other Hand Productions. Her designs have garnered two UNIMA-USA Citations of Excellence, the highest award an American puppeteer can achieve.

Her career in puppetry consumed much of Kowal’s creative energy for over ten years. Although she wrote in high school and college, it wasn’t until her brother moved his family to China that she began writing again. Like Lewis Carroll and J.M. Barrie, she started creating children’s fantasy as a way to stay connected to her young niece and nephew. Reminded of how much she enjoyed writing, she began submitting short stories and made her first sale in 2005, and her first professional sale to Strange Horizons in 2006.

When she isn’t writing or puppeteering, Kowal brings her speech and theater background to her work as a voice actor. She is a member of SAG/AFTRA. As the voice behind several audio books and short stories, she has recorded fiction for authors such as Kage Baker, Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi. She likes to describe voice acting as “puppetry, without the pain.”

Mary lives in Chicago with her husband Rob and over a dozen manual typewriters. Sometimes she even writes on them. Visit


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Gearing Up for Boskone 55

It’s the middle of summer, which can only mean Boskone 55 is coming in fewer then 6 months and our team is kicking into high gear as we plan for next year’s convention. We will have a few new announcements coming soon, which should be a lot of fun!

In the meantime, to help us in the early stages of planning, we have set up two forms: one to help gather ideas for Boskone and one to enable potential program participants to request a survey. If you’d like to share your thoughts with us, this is the best way to let us know what you are thinking.

Here are the links to the Boskone 55 planning forms:

  • Program Participants:  If you would like to be considered as a potential Program Participant, please send us your contact information via this form.
  • Program Ideas: If you have a program idea that you’d like to share with us, please visit our Program Idea Form.

Register for Boskone — Weekend Rates are Now Available:

Save save some time and buy your membership today for Boskone 55. Plus, buying your membership early is a great way to let us know you are coming. We look forward to seeing you there!

Boskone 55
February 16-18, 2018

Visit the Boskone website for more information.


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Boskone 54 Flash Fiction Slam Results

The Boskone Flash Fiction Slam returned for its fourth year with nine writers stepping up to the challenge of writing and reading a short story in under three-minutes. A panel of esteemed judges offered critique for each author. Each story was rated on a scale of 1-5 with scores tallied to determined the winners.


(R to L) M. Adrian Sellers, George Galuschak, Mikhu Paul

This year’s winner is M.Adrian Sellers with second place to George Galuschak and third place to Mihku Paul. Two years ago, M. Adrian Sellers placed third in the Boskone 52 Flash Fiction Slam. Since Boskone Flash Fiction Slam is a regional qualifier to the New Hampshire Writers’ Project annual Three Minute Fiction Slam, Mark is invited to participate in the finals held NH Institute of Art on March 9, 2017.

Th20170219_101601anks to judges James Patrick Kelly, Dana Cameron, Bruce Coville, Leigh Perry, to moderator Rob Greene and to all nine writers who participated: Bob Kuhn, M. Adrian Sellers, Robin Orm Hansen, Mihku Paul, Jason Febery, Christopher Cornell, George Galuschak, Chia Evans and Mike Ciaraldi.


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Congratulations to Jo Walton and Kirbi Fagan!

On Saturday, February 18, 2017, the New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) held its awards ceremony and announced the winners of the 2016 Skylark Award andthe Gaughan Award. Congratulations to our winners!

2017 Skylark Award

The Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction (the Skylark) is presented annually by NESFA to some person, who, in the opinion of the membership, has contributed significantly to science fiction, both through work in the field and by exemplifying the personal qualities which made the late “Doc” Smith well-loved by those who knew him.


2017 Skylark Award Winner:
Jo Walton

Jo Walton SkylarkJo Walton has published thirteen novels, three poetry collections and an essay collection. She won the John W. Campbell Award in 2002, the World Fantasy Award for Tooth and Claw in 2004, the Hugo and Nebula awards for Among Others in 2012, the Tiptree Award for My Real Children and the Locus Non Fiction award for What Makes This Book So Great in 2014. She comes from Wales but lives in Montreal. She reads a lot, enjoys travel, talking about books, and eating great food. She plans to live to be ninety-nine and write a book every year. Her most recent novel is Necessity.

2017 Gaughan Award

The Gaughan Award honors the memory of Jack Gaughan, a long-time friend of fandom and one of the finest SF artists of the 20th century. Because Jack felt it was important to encourage and recognize new blood in the field, The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc., presents the Gaughan Award annually to an emerging artist (an artist who has become a professional within the past five years) chosen by a panel of judges.

2017 Gaughan Award Winner: Kirbi Fagan

kirbifagan-gaughn-awardKirbi Fagan is an award-winning Metro Detroit based illustrator who specializes in creating art for young readers. Her illustrations are known for their magical themes, nostalgic mood, bright colors, and powerful characters. Kirbi’s work has been acknowledged by organizations such as Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and New York, ImagineFX, Art Order and the International Writers & Illustrators of the Future. Recent clients include, Marvel, Capstone Publishing, Stone Arch Books and Dark Horse Comics. Kirbi lives by two words… “spread joy.”

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Use #boskone to share your thoughts and photos

Screenshot 2016-02-18 at 7.46.10 AMNot everyone can brave the cold New England winter to make it to Boskone. If you’re using social media, like Twitter or Instagram, considering tagging your posts with #boskone to share your experiences and photos.



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