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Registration: New location this year

A quick PSA that Registration has moved this year. You can find them on the right-side of the hotel lobby (the side with the Starbucks) in the Alcott room on the Mezzanine Level. There are escalators next to the Birch … Continue reading

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And now, a note on respect

Lots of folks spend the year looking forward to friends and fun at Boskone. First-timers may be excited but may not quite know what to expect.  To help insure a good time is had by all, Boskone has adopted a … Continue reading

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Program Updates, Newsletters, & Schedules

With Boskone less than a week away, we have a few housekeeping items to share–and a few things that we hope you will share with your friends who might like to come to the convention. Helmuth — Last Friday, we … Continue reading

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Coffee, Tea and Kaffeeklatsches

One of the great experiences of Boskone is the Kaffeeklatsch!  It’s an informal small group setting where attendees can sit and chat with the program participants. Space is limited and you must sign up at the con via the Program Desk in the Galleria. The sign-up … Continue reading

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The Boskone 51 Pocket Program Cover Reveal

Not only do we have an exciting program for Boskone 51 and a slate of fantastic guests, but we have a gorgeous Pocket Program cover designed by our Official Artist David Palumbo. While you’ll have this beauty in your hand … Continue reading

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Boskone 51: Featured Filker

One of the unique joys of science fiction conventions is the sound of music drifting through the hallways. But it’s not just any music, it’s filk! Each year, Boskone is proud to have a Featured Filker is featured with a … Continue reading

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The Return of the Guests: The Once and Current Boskonians!

Boskone is well-known for the number of guests who continue to return to the convention as regular program participants long after their “guest” status is over. This year we have a wonderful assortment of past guests who have returned once … Continue reading

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