Going Mobile and Staying Connected at Boskone

With over 350 program items and nearly 200 program participants, there are a lot of things to keep track of at Boskone this year. But we have an app for that!

(Actually, we have your choice of two apps for that!)

With your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can use the Grenadine Event Planner app or the KonOpas app to personalize your very own Boskone 55 schedule!

Online Schedules

The Boskone 55 schedule is online as a schedule that can be personalized as well as a text-only listing.

The Boskone Schedule Apps

Grenadine Event Guide is an (IOS or Android) application available on your phones and mobile devices.  Grenadine is the database we use to set up the Boskone schedule.

Download on the AppStore
Get it on Google Play

Once you have installed and launched the application, enter code “boskone55” to download the correct schedule.

Note: If you have set up a Grenadine account in the past for organizing your Boskone schedule, you can reuse that same account. Otherwise you may need to sign up as a new user.

KonOpas is a website which can be viewed in any browser, but which will store all its data in the browser so you can still view it when you have no internet connectivity.

Access the KonOpas schedule at http://schedule.boskone.org

Tweet Your Experience 

Use #boskone to share your thoughts on Twitter.

Boskone Internet Access

The hotel lobby offers free internet access.

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