Boskone is Looking for Music Requests

Boskone is hosting a string quartet to play during the Boskone Reception on Friday, February 13th from 8:30-10:00 pm. While we’re all fans of Bach, Bethoven, and the other musical greats, we thought we’d liven things up with a special twist and ask our musicians to play music that is specific to fandom. To that end, we are looking for suggestions to share with the string quartet.Robot-Reception

Some of the pieces that we are considering include the “Main Titles” from:

  • Star Wars Episode IV
  • Superman
  • Firefly
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Doctor Who
  • Games of Thrones
  • Lord of the Rings
  • …Friday the 13th? 😉
  • Add Your Suggestions in the Comments…

We won’t be able to include everything, but we want as many options as possible for the String Quartet to consider. So, please feel free to list all of your musical choices in the comments section below whether they are from a movie, a television show, or even a game!

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8 Responses to Boskone is Looking for Music Requests

  1. jane yolen says:

    William Tell Overture by Gioachino Rossini
    Till Eukinsiegel by Straus
    The Erlinkoenig by Schubert (Erl King)

  2. Phil Merkel says:

    Any Barry Gray themes would be awesome, like Thunderbirds, UFO, Space 1999 etc.

  3. milhousevh says:

    Hope Eyrie

  4. Joanie says:

    Star Trek themes for sure! What happened to the band who is traditionally there????

  5. Joanie says:

    Music from the movie AVATAR would be awesome

  6. Four suggestions:

    1) Arnold Schoenberg’s String Quartet #2 (1908), which adds a soprano, who at one point in the last movement sings (in German) a line which translates into English as “I feel the air of other planets”.

    2) Gyorgy Ligeti’s String Quartet #1 or #2. For example, the link below is of a performance of the opening of his 1st Quartet. Ligeti’s “Requiem”, “Lux Aeterna” and “Atmospheres” were famously used by Stanley Kubrick in “2001: A Space Odyssey”.

    3) Elaine Fine’s String Quintet (for string quartet plus contrabass) titled “Dances from ‘The Harlot’s House'” (2008), referring to the poem by Oscar Wilde.

    4) My own String Quartet, titled “Homage to Bela Bartok” (1979) — just one movement, about 10 minutes long. No online recording… yet…


    Craig Lee Burket

  7. mnemex says:

    The Super Mario theme song.
    He’s a pirate (the primary Pirates of the Caribean theme).
    The Jurassic Park theme.

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