Over 100 Program Participants


Each year, the Boskone schedule is chock full of  panels, talks, discussions, demos, and workshops on many aspects of the science fiction and fantasy field.

Click here to view last year’s schedule

Yes, we have panels, but our guests and program participants often take part in so much more, providing fans an opportunity to interact on a smaller scale. Some examples are:

  • Art Demos
  • Autographs
  • Concerts
  • Discussion groups
  • Filksinging
  • Kaffeeklatsches
  • Literary Beers
  • Readings

Check list to see if one of your favorites will be at Boskone 51.



Photo credit to Flickr user jmgold

About Brenda Noiseux

Product Owner by day/Sci-fi geek and community builder by night. Using my super hero powers for the good of all kind. I'm the organizer several groups, including the League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen, a women's comics discussion group and a writer for Women Write About Comics.
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