Boskone 2013 recap in the April issue of Locus

In the April issue of Locus magazine, you can find a short recap of Boskone 50 with some great photos!

The Locus Science Fiction Foundation (LSFF)  is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the promotion and preservation of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. From their website comes this blurb about Locus

“Locus is the trade magazine for the science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing fields. Established in 1968, the magazine features interviews with authors, reviews of new and upcoming books, industry news, an annual Recommended Reading list and survey of genre readers, as well as listings of new, in-print, and forthcoming science fiction, fantasy, and horror titles, and currently stands as the journal of record for the field. In addition, our website Locus Online provides independent and magazine content and access to a variety of reference indexes and databases: resources that are used by librarians, bookbuyers, readers, scholars, publishers, collectors, researchers, and fans. “

About Brenda Noiseux

Community builder, artist, convention organizer, gamer, geek writer @womenoncomics @SidequestZone. Product Maven @almostagame. Owner, Bittenby Studios (She/Her)
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