Would You Like to Join NESFA?

Many of you may already know that NESFA (New England Science Fiction Association) is the organization behind Boskone. It’s a terrific group that has consistently put on one of the best SF conventions around in addition to doing a lot of work within the greater SF and Fantasy community. BUT did you know that you could become a member of NESFA, too?

Since the question recently came up, I thought it might be handy to cross-post the “Why join NESFA?” blurb from the NESFA web page.


For $16 subscribing annual membership to NESFA, you receive: all issues of Instant Message, detailing the club’s activities and providing information on upcoming events; borrowing privileges from the constantly updated NESFA library, with thousands of books and magazines; up to 40% discounts on most NESFA Press publications (when picked up in person at the Clubhouse or a convention Sales Table); and opportunities to meet fellow fans and get involved in running Boskone, publishing books, and numerous other activities. For those wishing to be more involved, many opportunities exist.

How do I join NESFA?

Send a check or money order for $16 to us at:

PO Box 809
Framingham, MA 01701

Or come see us at the clubhouse.

For more information email us at: info@nesfa.org

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3 Responses to Would You Like to Join NESFA?

  1. Linda von Helwig says:

    I am an old friend of Ellen Franklin and Jim Hudson, was art director at Intermedia Systems in Cambridge. Are they reachable through you?

  2. Paula Lieberman says:

    (Sitting at the NESFA Clubhouse, watching the Red Sox and Cardinals in the 7th inning of the first game of the Word Series. Gay Ellen Dennett is wearing Red Sox clothing. There’s a group of five people playing Dominion, and five other people here. Upcoming is a Halloween party before the end of the month.

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