Get your Panel Recaps


James Patrick Kelly, Brendan DuBois and Michael Swannick at the Flash in the Pan panel

 I am an active internet junkie user. During the con, I was following #boskone on Twitter to see how other panels were progressing, hear others’ experiences and tweet out my own thoughts. On Monday,  I started feeling that post-con letdown, so I checked in with the Boskone Facebook group. Messages started trickling in but something else caught my attention: a link to Vincent O’Neil’s post sharing his Slideshare for his Using Excel to Plot Your story panel. Hmmmm.

This sent me searching the web for videos, photos, blog posts and the like to keep my con going. And, since I’m being honest, maybe find neat fodder for a Boskone blog post.  I found so many great posts on panel recaps, that I thought it a shame not to share with the rest of the Boskone community. 

Click here to see the compiled list

These are not official recaps and they don’t exist for every panel. Some are more detailed, others, and my personal criteria for what is included was somewhat loose (ie it had to represent the panel content in some fashion, not just “I attended this panel”). That said, there is a ton of great information if you want to take a peek.


Jordin Kare, Joan Slonczewski and Chad Orzel from the Energy in Space panel

If you feel that I’ve missed a video or post that you’ve created, please post a link in the notes and I’ll take a peek. Also, if you have ideas or suggestions feel free to email the Programming Committee.



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2 Responses to Get your Panel Recaps

  1. Richard Amirault says:

    It appears you have a link to my video for the Vernor Vinge Guest of Honor interview on Sat .. however there is also a link to a LiveJournal page … and neither one is an “active” link … and what is worse .. neither can be copied and pasted into a browser.

    • Brenda Noiseux says:

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for taking the time to post. Unfortunately, Google Spreadsheets only allow one link per cell. The text should be able to copy; have you tried the shortcut keys for copy/paste? I’ve also just added a comment, so when you click on the cell, it should now display a box with both as links. Let me know if you still have problems. Cheers!

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