Winter is Here and Boskone 50 Starts Tomorrow!

As you may have heard, winter has arrived in Boston in the form of a giant blizzard that decorated New England with several feet of snow. (Remember to bring your boots!) However, the city is cleaned up and Boksone 50 is “game on!” Boskone50 Progress Report

Panelists, participants, and attendees are beginning to make their way to Boston as I write this post. We’re also looking forward to welcoming some late additions to the convention, including:

  • Colin Harris
  • George R. R. Martin
  • Chad Orzel
  • Steven Popkes
  • Brianna Spacekat Wu & Frank Wu

If you haven’t checked out the schedule yet, you can access it via this Link To the Boskone 50 Schedule. Not only are you going to find some exciting new panels, but we’ve gone through 50 conventions worth of panels and decided to bring back some oldies but goodies for Boskone’s 50th Anniversary. So, get that highlighter out and start marking your schedules so that you don’t miss the event you have been dying to attend!

Now, go forth and enjoy! See you at the con.

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