Plan your panels now

To help your plan of attack for Boskone, the schedule is now available online!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

The Hidden Joys of Collecting: What’s on your shelf? The latest TARDIS coffee cup? A Captain Kirk action figure? A set of Harry Potter first editions? What is it about collecting that is so satisfying…and addictive? What new thing must you have? As you’ll see at the panel: us too.

Boskone Retrospective: Half a Century of Boskone: Join a star-studded roomful of previous Boskone guests as they reminisce about past Boskones. (In some cases, far, far past.) We’ll share what we love about the longest-running SF convention in the Hub of the Universe, and tell why we come back year after year.

Dataliths: Digging the Idea of the Programmer/Archaeologist: Our GOH Vernor Vinge has posited that as computing-based civilizations age, layers upon layers of legacy code build up in vast — let’s call them dataliths. Who gets to dig through them for valuable info? How do they do it? Isn’t our data already in pretty deep doodoo in this regard?

Demonstration: Steampunk Martial Arts: Characters in the perilous worlds of steampunk study a variety of martial arts. Whether to fight off ruffians, prepare for a duel at dawn, or try to fit into their fancy trousers for an upcoming ball, the people of our world’s Victorian age did, too. Come experience the elegant weapons of a more civilized age—the Higgins Academy of the Sword’s Grand Assault, an exhibition of authentic gaslamp martial arts.

About Brenda Noiseux

Community builder, artist, convention organizer, gamer, geek writer @womenoncomics @SidequestZone. Product Maven @almostagame. Owner, Bittenby Studios (She/Her)
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