Check out the Boskone 52 Flyer & Buy Your Membership Today

Memberships for Boskone 52 are on sale! You can buy your membership now at and take advantage of the 2014 pricing. We’re in the process of revamping our website, but the purchase links are live and ready to go. Our guests for Boskone 52 include:

  • Guest of Honor: Robin McKinley
  • Official Artists: Charles Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang
  • Featured Filkers: Maya and Jeff Bohnhoff
  • Special Guest: Robert K. Wiener, FN

We’ve also got a beautiful new flyer that you can download and either tack up on your wall in anticipation of February 2015 or you can print it out and share it with a friend. Here’s the link to the file Boskone 52 Flyer #1…and here is a preview of the flyer. The image is by our official artists Charles Lang and Wendy Snow-Lang.


People interested in being considered for the Boskone 52 program should contact our Program Committee at

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Enter the NESFA Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest

NESFA Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story Contest
Winners to be announced at Boskone 52.
February 13-15, 2015.

Short Story Contest Rules

NESFA will run a science fiction/fantasy short story contest, with prizes to be awarded at Boskone 52, in February 2015.  The deadline for submissions isSeptember 1, 2014. All submissions should be made via email to in flat text, rich text, or any format readable by MS Word, or Open Office.The contest will be limited to the first 100 qualifying entries. We reserve the right to cancel the contest if fewer than 10 submissions are received by the deadline.The purpose of this contest is to encourage amateur writers to reach the next level of proficiency. We will look for engaging openings, good character development, well structured plotting, powerful imagery, witty or humorous language, unique word or phrasing choices, and convincing endings.

A qualifying entrant is a writer who has not had a short story, novella, or novel published in a paid, professional forum, book, magazine, etc. at the time of submission, and who has received no more than $250 for any previously published short story or other work of fiction.

To be considered, a story submission must have strong science fiction or fantasy elements and must be shorter than 7,500 words.

Judges will provide feedback for all contest entries as soon after Boskone as possible. First round judges will consist of NESFA members and volunteers. Winners will be chosen by a final panel of judges, including at least one professional writer.

The winner, runners-up and honorable mentions will be announced during the awards ceremony at Boskone 52, in NESFA’s newsletter following Boskone, and in various electronic media, including the Boskone and NESFA websites, blogs, Facebook pages, newszines, and e-zines.

Winner will receive a certificate of achievement, three NESFA Press books, and a free membership to either Boskone 52 or Boskone 53.

Runners-up will receive a certificate, and two NESFA Press books. Honorable mentions will receive a certificate and one NESFA Press book.

Winner, runners-up, and honorable mentions will be encouraged to select their books at Boskone 52 and either take them immediately or ask for them to be shipped later.

There is no entry fee. You may submit only one entry to the contest. Prize recipients may be required to sign an acceptance form for prizes won.

Stories must be original works of fiction, submitted by their authors. No reprints, fan fiction, or poetry please.

Please provide us with contact information (email, phone, and postal address). We will not use it for anything other than contacting you about this contest. Winners will be asked later for information they want to be part of any public announcement.

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Boskone 52 Memberships Available Online

6273168640_2d7aed7401_bAlthough the Early Registration rate has passed,  you can still plan ahead. No need to stretch your holiday money,  purchase your Boskone 52 memberships now and be worry free in time for February. February 13-15 to be exact.

  • Adult rate: $50 Buy
  • College student rate: $35 Buy
  • High school student and under rate: $25 Buy

Boskone 52′s Guests:

boskone 51 a




“Join us” photo credit to Flickr user dopey

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Boskone 52 (Feb 2015) Early Registration Exended through March 16th!

Did you miss the early registration rates for Boskone 52 (February 13-15, 2015)?

Don’t worry! We have extended early registration through March 16th, which means you still have time to purchase next year’s Boskone membership at this year’s price.

extendedEarly Registration Rates for Boskone 52 (through March 16th):

  • Adult rate:  $40 Buy
  • College student rate: $30 Buy
  • High school student and under rate: $20 Buy

Boskone 52’s Guests:

We look forward to seeing you next year at the Westin Waterfront in Boston, MA!

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Boskone 2015 with Robin McKinley – Buy Your Discounted Memberships Now

RMKshadowsYes, we’re back for another year at the Boston Westin Waterfront for Boskone 52, February 13-15, 2015!

Registration Rates for Boskone 52
From February 14-March 2, 2014:

  • Adult rate:  $40 Buy
  • College student rate: $30 Buy
  • High school student and under rate: $20 Buy

Starting March 3, 2014:

  • Adult rate:  $50
  • College student rate: $35
  • High school student and under rate: $25
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Boskone’s Flash Fiction Slam – Results

1392562762512On Sunday morning during the convention, Boskone held its first Flash Fiction Slam.
Eleven writers took up the challenge of writing and reading a short story in under three-minutes. A panel of esteemed judges not only scored the participants but gave short critiques on how to make their stories better.

20140216_105021The winner of this year’s Flash Fiction Slam was Sean Robinson. Sean won a membership to Boskone 52 and an opportunity to participate in the NH Literary Flash Finals sponsored by the NH Writers’s Project. Second place went Julie C. Day and third place went to Rob Greene.

Special thanks to judges Nancy Holder, James Patrick Kelly, Paul Di Filippo and Walter Jon Williams as well to the eleven writers who participated: Sean Robinson, John Wiswell, Rob Greene, Mike Douton, Carrie Cuinn, Michael Deluca, Julie C. Day, Kristabelle, Daniel Dern, George G. and Don Pizarro.

 20140216_09343920140216_09455220140216_10040820140216_101053 20140216_094036139256287604920140216_10180720140216_10241820140216_10301120140216_103727 

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NESFA Awards Ceremony

Each year at Boskone, the New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA) announces the winner of the Gaughan Award for Emerging Artist and the Skylark Award. The awards were announced as part of the Saturday evening program.


Gay Ellen Dennet, John Picacio and Greg Manchess present the Gaughan Award

The Gaughan Award honors the memory of Jack Gaughan, a long-time friend of fandom and one of the finest SF artists of the 20th century. Because Jack felt it was important to encourage and recognize new blood in the field, The New England Science Fiction Association, Inc., presents the Gaughan Award annually to an emerging artist (an artist who has become a professional within the past five years) chosen by a panel of judges.

This year’s winner of the Gaughan Award is Sam Burley.


Ginjer Buchanan accepting the Skylard on Robert J. Sawyer’s behalf with cautionary tale from Jane Yolen.

The Edward E. Smith Memorial Award for Imaginative Fiction (the Skylark) is presented annually by NESFA to some person, who, in the opinion of the membership, has contributed significantly to science fiction, both through work in the field and by exemplifying the personal qualities which made the late “Doc” Smith well-loved by those who knew him.


This year’s winner o the Skylark Award is Robert J. Sawyer. He is a Hugo and Nebula Award-winning Canadian science-fiction writer, author of 22 novels including FLASHFORWARD.

Find him on Twitter @RobertJSawyer

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